Customs assessments: performance, problems, innovations

The 4th wave of the IER’s survey of Ukrainian importers and exporters shows that after minor deterioration in 2016, the assessment of the customs performance has been improving over the latest two waves of the survey.

At the same time, in 2018, as before, most respondents believe that the customs needs changes.

The main problems at the customs that have remained relevant since the first wave of the survey in 2015 are imperfect customs legislation, lack of transparency and openness of the customs, and corruption.

At the same time, the impact of such problems as intentional – per the respondents – overstatement of the customs value of goods and constant changes in the structure and management of the customs has been decreasing for the second year in a row.

There was a growing tendency in 2018 of the increase of the monetary cost of exporting, while the trend of the reduction of time expenditures continued. However, most exporters did not experience any changes with either time or cost of customs clearance compared to 2016.

See the executive summary (in English) of our latest report that presents and discusses the results of the 2018 survey here: Trade Facilitation in Ukraine: Business Assessment and Expectations. Executive Summary based on the IV Wave of the Annual Survey of Ukrainian Importers and Exporters.

See more survey results visualized here: Trade Facilitation in Ukraine: Business Assessment and Expectations.

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