Does the salaries of officials affect the level of corruption in public authorities

Based on the online survey results

“Does the salary of officials affect the level of corruption in public authorities”: is the 25th survey from a series of online surveys regularly conducted by the project “Support for the Public Initiative “For Fair and Transparent Customs.”

The survey was conducted from June 2 to 11, 2023.

The survey is aimed at studying the opinion of stakeholders on the presence or absence of a relationship between the salaries of officials and manifestations of corruption in public authorities. And also, regarding the attitude to raising salaries of civil servants, including in order to reduce corruption risks. In view of recent events related to suspicions of corruption of the highest officials of the judiciary, a discussion has intensified in society about the justification of ultra-high salaries of top officials, which, in theory, should ensure and guarantee their independence and non-corruption.

Once again, the question arose whether the high level of wages of an employee of a public authority affects the reduction of corruption in the exercise of state functions by such officials? And where is the “golden mean” of sufficient salaries for top officials and other government officials?

Highlights from the survey:

  • The majority of respondents (52%) agreed with the statement about the need to increase the salaries of public officials in order to reduce corruption risks in the exercise of their powers.
  • When answering the previous question, 76% of respondents were not affected by recent events related to suspicions of corruption of senior officials of the judiciary.
  • Interestingly, despite the fact that the majority supported the increase in salaries of civil servants, only 38% supported the need to increase salaries for customs inspectors. Only 7% of respondents offered to leave the existing level of salaries.
  • The proposal to allocate a certain share of state budget revenues to the needs of customs divided the respondents. But a relative majority of 44% opposed such an idea. This may indicate the need for a public discussion on this issue.
  • The issue of increasing wages for customs officers also divided the opinions of respondents. At the same time, a relatively higher share of 38% has a negative attitude towards the increase in wages for customs officers. This may indicate the existence of other views on the causes and means of combating corruption in the authorities.
  • The equivalent of five or three state-established minimum wages should be received by a customs inspector, according to 40% (25% and 15%) of respondents. Almost one-third found it difficult to determine their position.

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